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Call for projects - Virtual Artist Residency RAV.19

In this period of worldwide confinement and solitude, the Algiers Circle of the ACM foundation, the Dar Dzaïr gallery of the CREI agency of Valencia, the e2id agency of Algiers and Capcowork are pleased to announce the launch of the ”RAV19” call for projects. Rav19 is a Virtual Artist Residency initiative based on the theme COVID.19 and dedicated to the promotion of artists and their creations around the current global health crisis.

An overpublicized scourge where politicians, scientists, journalists, economists, have all had their share of air time to offer and debate their opinions on the situation at hand.

However, artists be they, painters, sculptors, poets, directors, or actors are greatly missing from this stage. None of them have been offered the chance to express themselves about this new situation or about the new future ahead of us. Until now.

We call on all the artists of the world, of all disciplines and all genre, to submit a project in digital format that can be produced in 30 days or less on the theme of COVID.19. Interested artists are encouraged to apply by submitting a project brief along with their press-book.

Out of all the submissions, nineteen (19) artists will be selected and requested to use our collaborative platform to share their creative process in the format of their choice and on a weekly basis.

Furthermore, each of the nineteen (19) selected artists will receive a grant that will be commensurate with the level of sponsorship secured for the event.

All disciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches, including visual arts, media and digital arts, performance, dance, music, literature, poetry, cinema (including animation) and theatre are welcome.

During the 30 days of the event, the artists will be supported by a consortium composed of members with a broad and multidisciplinary professional experience as well as animators from the Virtual Artist Residency RAV.19.

At the end of the residency, the consortium will document and deliver a presentation summarizing the creative process of the selected projects and works realized on the platform. The presentation will be in the form of an online exhibition with interactive 3D scenography highlighting the production of the 19 selected artists. An online inauguration will be organized with distinguished guests who will take part in the exchanges with the artists.

In addition to the works on display, the RAV19 virtual exhibition gallery will provide visitors with all the documentation produced, including written and video diaries, photos, and audio excerpts, reflecting the artists exchanges during the 30 days of the RAV.19 event.

The platform will allow the sponsors to have full visibility on of the virtual artist residency and the opportunity to air their commercials.

The call for projects RAV.19 will be open to two types of applicants:

  1. Art Students enrolled in formal arts training
  2. High school students who art hobbyists.
  3. For these applicants, the call for projects is referred to as RAV.19 juniors.

    [NOTE: there’s no mention of RAV.19 juniors or the two categories of applicants in the French version]

    Applicants for the virtual artist residency are invited to submit their application online before July 04, 2020